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Lashes don't have to be a thing reserved for black tie events. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding or just want to enhance your look, lashes can give you a luxurious and chic appearance.  

If you are looking for lash services that will fit all of your needs, then it is time that you call Adri Glamour Lashes.  

As a certified esthetician, an Xtreme Lashes Advance certified stylist in Volumation, and Ellebana Certified for Lash lift, Adriana is always on time and her own personal customer service experience is top-notch.  

Book your lash appointment || Come down to Adriana's salon || Get your lashes done || Feel amazing when you leave!

Our Services

Full Set Classic

60 Lashes per eye it’s a great service choose for a natural mascara look.

Re - Lash Classic

Perfect for every 2 weeks Fill.

Full Set Volume

150+ Lashes per eye. Its a technique of adding multiple finer eyelash extensions to create depth,volume and make sparse lashes fuller.

Keratin Lash Lift
(Includes Tint)

LASH LIFT+BOTOX Turn your regular lash lift treatment into complementary therapy for your eyelashes.

Eye Brow Tint

Using a semi-permanent dye, Adri Glamour Lashes can darken your already existing brow hairs – even the lighter & finer brow hairs!

Eye Brow Shaping

To get your eyebrows into the perfect shape, our team of industry experts will pluck & trim your eyebrows until they are in your desired shape – perfectly executed!

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